Doula Services

It is my goal to help my clients have a positive birth experience. I am committed to getting to know my clients so that I can help them achieve their goals.

I provide the following Doula Services:

  • We will have 1-2 prenatal meetings where we discuss in detail your preferences for labor and birth. Sometimes my clients might not know their exact preferences and that’s okay! We will discuss options and help get an ideal birth experience defined as best we can. During these meetings we also discuss strategies for labor and real-life scenarios.
  • I am available to you via email, phone/text for support from the time we begin working together through the postpartum period. I want you to use me as a resource and genuinely don’t mind questions!
  • I will provide continuous support during labor and stay for approximately 2 hours after the birth where I will help with initial breastfeeding.
  • I am happy to take photos and/or video with your camera/phone if you desire.
  • I will visit during the postpartum period when it works best for your schedule.

Are you interested?

I like to meet couples for an interview beforehand in order to make sure that we are a good match. A google handout is another option if we cannot meet in person. Please fill out the boxes below and I’ll contact you shortly.

Doula Packages Description Investment
Birth Doula Services All Services listed above $1200
Group Class Combo Doula Services listed above and a group childbirth class $1350
Private Class Combo Doula Services listed about and a private childbirth class $1450

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