Products for Doulas

Since it’s opening in 2009, YourDoulaBag has become the one stop online store for doulas to find both quality tools and fun products that celebrate the profession. The blog at YourDoulaBag has become a trusted and go to resource filled with information that interests doulas, childbirth educators and expecting families alike. Here are a few of the best selling items at YourDoulaBag.

Birth Ball Cover

The birth ball cover is our 100% best seller. Covering your exercise or birth ball makes it clean, soft, easy to carry and manage. Our covers are made with a stretchy material that clings nicely to the ball. The covers are also machine washable and very durable.

Portable Ice Bin

Having a cold washcloth close at hand is so important when supporting a mom in labor. After scrounging around hospital rooms at countless births looking for a bin to put ice and water for washcloths we decided to make our own. The portable ice bin includes our great doula saying and keeps water and ice cold for hours. No leaking either!

Peanut Ball

The hottest tool in childbirth is the peanut ball. Peanut ball are great for using while mom is in bed. They help mom have a nice open pelvis and early research suggests that they could decrease the c-section rate.

Doula Bumper Sticker

Show your doula pride with this excellent DOULA bumper sticker. The stickers aren’t limited to bumpers; they can go on any flat surface.