My 5 must have products for labor

Over at you can find all of these and more good stuff for your bag.

Birth Ball

The birth ball is a tool that can be used before, during and after labor. It can help ease back pain and open the pelvis. While your hospital might have balls for you to use, I suggest having your own at home to sit on during the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy.

Ball Cover

A cover for your birth ball makes the ball soft, clean and easy to carry…not to mention cute! If you are using a hospital ball you can bring your own cover to turn the hospital ball into a clean birth tool. YourDoulaBag covers are machine washable and loved by moms and doulas alike.

Peanut Ball

The peanut ball is the hottest tool for labor. Several studies suggest that using the peanut ball for moms with epidurals could lower c-section rates. The peanut ball can be used to open the pelvis and make positioning easy.

Rice Sock

Heat can be so comforting in labor and rice socks are a quick, easy and effective method for delivering targeted heat. Rice socks can be quickly microwaved and provide a heat source that can be placed on areas like the lower back and the neck.

Battery Operated Candles

Turn off the harsh hospital lighting and set the mood with battery operated candles. These candles are a key component to turning the hospital bathroom into a magical laboring cave.