Childbirth Classes, Doula Services and Products for Moms

Our mission is to help our clients have a positive birth experience. We want moms to be ready for birth! This preparation includes childbirth education, doula services and products to for labor and birth. We are dedicated to staying up to date with current research and updating our education and services accordingly.

Customers are saying…

“ Alice and I talked through different practices and procedures of labor openly and developed a birthing plan that was realistic yet flexible enough to help me have a positive labor experience. I was very fearful of what I could not control during the labor process but I was able to put my fears aside as I had complete trust and confidence in Alice's support and guidance along with way. Because Alice was by my side throughout the entire labor experience, I honestly had an overwhelmingly positive and happy birthing experience. My husband also valued Alice's expertise and felt that he was able to better support me through labor and have a better understanding of what was happening along the way with Alice's guidance. ”

“ My husband and I also attended her Lamaze class which I HIGHLY recommend. If you are a first time mom, with no knowledge of the laboring process and are nervous about the whole thing please help yourself and take this class. We left feeling completely informed and excited about our birth day. Alice is an excellent teacher who is very willing to assist you in whatever type of birth experience you are seeking..medicated or not. Looking back, I know that selecting Alice was one of the best decisions I ever made. ”

“ No matter what type of birth experience you are seeking, I would highly recommend Alice.  She has no agenda other than to help you execute your birth plan.  Alice has a very friendly, calm demeanor, which made it easy to share our birthing room with her!!  Somehow, Alice always was right there when you needed her but never intruded on the intimacy of the occasion. “

More testimonials can be found on Alice’s profile.